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Sofie Martens - Landa Language Training

Dutch - French - German

More than 2 years of experience in professional language training for higher profiles.

Knows better than anyone how to determine levels and find the right match.

Focusses mainly on the digital.

Manager of  landalanguagetraining   with whom Rentrée has entered into a great partnership in order to be able to offer a total package of know-how.

Peter Lissack

Polyglot with a feeling for people

A master of many trades and knows his audience.

British sense of humor.

Also at home in soft skills.

Sophie Vanheusden

Dutch - English - German  (translations)

More than 7 years of experience in fun-oriented language education for adults.

Loves to smile and has a nice sense of humor.

Knows how to spur on your hidden talent.

Sophie Lievens

French, German and Dutch.

Professional language coach for higher profiles.

She likes to focus on professional skills.

She makes you forget your fears.

She creates a friendly atmosphere so that you feel completely at home as a student and feel comfortable in the new language.



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