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LANGUAGE training

You master the basics of another language but you miss depth or more nuance ? Are you new to a certain sector and do you want to expand your professional jargon in another language or just brush up on it? Does a fear of speaking play a role in the less smooth communication with your colleagues or customers who speak other languages? Rentrée provides tailor-made courses that tackle these points in a 'fun' way. 

This means that we expand or refresh your professional vocabulary, making it easier for you to communicate with customers or colleagues. You no longer pass on those annoying (Dutch or French) calls to your colleague, but handle them yourself. This way you show your professionalism, also in another language. This ranges from company presentations to small talk during the lunch break.


For whom?


  • People with a busy schedule

  • Sales, people who work with numbers

  • Back office employees

  • Management

  • HR employees

  • Business leaders

  • Self-employed / freelancers

  • Commercial Profiles

  • Recruiters

  • Expats


  • HR

  • Recruitment

  • Construction

  • IT

  • Mobility



Not in the sense people know.

Because it's not hours or days on end, but daily. And small portions to absorb better.

You will receive  private lessons or group training that respond to your specific needs.

We broaden your jargon   and playfully overcome your fears .

We provide our own material supplemented with a platform on which you can continue to learn. Until years after training.

And you?

You do the work between the lessons so that you are in contact with the language as much as possible.



  1. Needs analysis

  2. Level determination

  3. Practical matters (such as budget)

  4. Action!

  5. Evaluation

  6. Follow-up to a further level


  • Individual

  • Small group (max. 6)

  • Face to face

  • Video call

  • Hybrid



  • Dutch*

  • French

  • Spanish

  • English

  • German

  • Italian

Others on request

*also for native speakers, such as a writing course

From beginner to advanced.

More info about levels

Contact us for more information tailored to your question or problem.



You do the talking .

Even if you don't know much, we'll keep you going.
You learn bases on your wishes and objectives and you are correctly adjusted.

To talk also means to stay on top of things.

You are not tied to a specific lesson content and can always adjust your wishes.


We attach great importance to the fun factor . Whether the lessons are face to face, in group or via a screen; whether it's a morning session or tapas round.

Fun means: no two lessons are the same.

No two classes are the same.

So it's - cliché - tailormade .


Learn everything well during the lesson and get started with your personal online / audio lessons in between the contact moments.

Through our interactive & circular approach you come closer to your language goal and you are more confident at the end of the process.

No fuss!

What do you get?

  • An intake interview

  • Contact hours of 60 minutes with personal course material focused on your needs / company

  • The circular approach in class

  • Written feedback after each lesson

  • Personalized lessons in between lessons - unlimited access

  • No administration, start-up or other surprising costs

  • Follow-up and adjustment via interim reporting

  • A final evaluation

  • Lots of fun and feeling eager to learn!


Who is Trees? 

Trees Tresinie is the brain behind the Rentrée method. She has more than 15 years of expertise in adult education and is a professional language coach for various companies (private and group training).


“What makes me 'Happy'? First of all, seeing progress and self-confidence developing in my students. This especially during enjoyable lessons that create eye openers. “


- Trees


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